In today‚Äôs multi-family environment, KNR Contractors, LLC understands the importance of experienced construction management, competent supply lines, and the ability to work closely with the Property Design Consultant and Architects in VALUE SOURCING materials to create a quality income producing end product to fit the Value Add Renovations Budget of the Property. KNR Contractors, LLC has all the necessary resources to meet that challenge.  We have the ability to complete a single bathroom remodel or a large multi-unit rehab.  With our years of experience, we can complete your rehab in an efficient, cost-effective manner.  With services at every stage of development, from negotiation and planning to construction and final project completion, we offer personal attention to detail and an elevated level of contractor services.

Acquisition Services Provided

   - Develop Appropriate Growth Strategies

   - Bid Support

   - Due-Diligence

   - Design Consultations

   - Market Comparison

   - Property Management

   - Code and Permit Management

   - Competitive Pricing and Services

   - Value-add Material Sourcing

   - Electrical and Plumbing Management  

Interior Services Provided

   - Bar Top Modifications

   - Counter Top Modifications

   - Backsplash

   - Custom Cabinetry

   - Under Cabinet Lights

   - Custom Lighting

   - Painting / Carpentry

   - Baseboards / Crown Molding

   - Flooring

   - Top of the Line Appliances

   - Top of the Line Fixtures

   - Dry Wall

Exterior Services Provided

   - Full Exterior Painting

   - Concrete and Sidewalk Repair

   - Siding Replacement

   - Window Replacement

   - Roofing

   - Pool Decking

   - Air-Conditioning

   - Welding

   - Amenity Re-design and Upgrades